Wintry weather happens so infrequently in North Texas that most towns have not invested in equipment to clear roads.  This means that when snow and ice comes, most of us are grounded until it melts.  No school, no driving to the office, no running errands.  So when you cannot do what you want to do, what do you do instead?

  • Enjoy the break.  Some of us are too busy.  This is a great time to slow down and take a look around.  What is the view from where you are?  Are you on a mountaintop?  Are you in a valley?  Both have their hardships and beautiful views.  Sometimes we are so busy doing the work that we forget to smell the roses or the hot chocolate.
  • DE clutter.  Studies have shown that clutter hampers our ability to be productive.  DE cluttering now can be a great way to prepare for the new challenges that are going to be tackled in the New Year.  This does not have to be a huge task.  Small changes can have big effects.  Clean out that junk drawer or reorganize a closet.
  • Sharpen you skills.  Take advantage of the time to study more.  Research what could make you better at what you do.  Read.  Google.  Practice.  Whatever allows you to become better.  Work on the skills that are needed to tackle the next big thing.
  • Connect with loved ones.  Whether its playing a board game with the kids or calling your parents or that friend you haven’t connected with lately, use this time to connect.  The deeper our connections the greater we experience joy.  It can be easy to clear out the DVR during this time, but instead let’s be intentional about interacting with our spouse, kids, family or friends.

Not experiencing Icemeggedon?  Still try these things to see your productivity increase and your relationships deepen.    What do you do to fill the in-between?