Forget whatever you’ve heard about group therapy and people shouting each other down. Not in the groups we run! We create a safe, warm, supportive environment where you learn to let down your guard and be direct.

Group Therapy: A Powerful Way To Help With Problems

Group therapy is a powerful addition to individual therapy, because you get to see how you relate to others and how others relate to you in a way that doesn’t exist in everyday life. I get to see you in action and learn if your perceptions about how you handle yourself with other people are accurate. All of this is very helpful in moving your treatment along. It’s a low-cost way to increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

You also learn that your struggles and joys aren’t unique, and it’s great to know other people who are engaged in a growth process. While you’re not going to have the same life situations as your fellow group members, you see that you have similar reactions and develop empathy for each other and for yourself along the way. Group therapy enriches your overall treatment and growth experience, because you learn to be vulnerable and direct, which are two important qualities in a relationship.