What message are you sending to those you love? Communication is often the #1 issue listed as a problem in a relationship. Couples will often say, “we just can’t communicate?” The thing is that communication is always happening, you just may not be conveying the message you want.

Studies show that 60-90% of how we communicate is non-verbal. Even at 60%, non-verbal is a huge chunk and yet how much do we pay attention to what we are communicating in our relationships?

Here are 5 ways to focus on non-verbal communication and improve relationships

MAKE EYE CONTACT. Movies help to illustrate the importance of eye contact. How many pictures show a couple making eye contact across the room as the music swells?

FACE EACH OTHER. Turn your body towards each other. Don’t just turn your head; turn your whole body including your toes towards the person. This communicates that you are interested in them and what they have to say.

PUT AWAY DISTRACTIONS. Put down the phone. (Maybe that should be in bold also) Turn off the TV. Close the laptop. We seem to think that if we are talking and saying the right things verbally that it is ok to multitask. Multitasking communicates that the PERSON in front of you is not as important as the other tasks.

WALK TOWARDS EACH OTHER. When your loved one comes home, get up and walk towards him/her. Kiss and hug. Again, what are you communicating?

KEEP YOUR HANDS PALM UP. Your hands are signs of trust. Keeping your palms where others can see them communicates trust, honesty, and a desire to connect.

What ways have you found to improve communication?