#1 Way to get what you want. Well, when I was 10, my father bought me a dartboard. Oh, the endless hours my friends and I hung out in our garage destroying the drywall with bad shots. As the years followed, we started learning how to play darts. The first game we learn how to play was cricket. Cricket is easy enough game to play with a couple of basic rules.

Rule 1: Must have dartboard, oh and darts.

Rule 2: Throw the darts at the board and try to hit any number between 20 and 15 at least three times. Somebody should also be trying to keep score to ensure that people are actually hitting goals.

There is not a lot of skill involved in playing this game, simply throw darts between the number 20 and 15. That’s what we were told in the beginning. Later down the road, my best friend’s father, who was a good dart player, explained to us that the small outer ring of the dartboard actually counted as a double and the small ring toward the bull’s-eye counted as a triple. He explained if a person wanted to be good at the game of cricket, it was about closing a number category faster than the other guy. Therefore, to be good you needed to actually aim at what you are trying to hit instead of just randomly throwing darts. What a great analogy to the game of life.

Some people simply go through life letting it happen to them, however it turns out. Not really aiming for anything, just hanging out and seeing what happens. This is very much like wildly throwing darts at a board. Some people might be aiming at goals, but not actually addressing specific ones. An example is an individual going to college and majoring in business with no idea what to do with it when he graduates.

I started a life plan in my mid-20s after hearing my pastor talk about going through life aimlessly and how you accomplish nothing or how you would reflect upon your life in your twilight years. Not wanting to fade into the history books without even being an honorable mention, a decision was made to take charge of life and create a plan.

So everyone needs a plan. Our next blog will address what that plan could look like. Do you have a plan?