Nourishprovide with food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

Do you have words that you just like to say for the sound and feel of them?  Nourish is one of those words for me.  It brings up cozy good feelings that remind me of sitting in under a quilt in front of a roaring fire after consuming a delicious bowl of homemade stew.  My family would be enjoying the scene with me and we would be listening to soft music in the background and laughing.  Ahhh.  This is the life.  A well-nourished life.

A well-nourished life enables us to grow and to be healthy physically and mentally. How do we have a well-nourished life?

Focusing on the following seven areas can help on the road to a well-nourished life.

The first is of course good nutrition.  Without proper nutrients you body will not perform at its peak physically or mentally.  Research shows that good nutrition improves mental outlook and provides more physical energy.

But food is not the only substance needed for nourishment.

We all have a basic need to be connected with others.  Friends and family nourish us by providing support and love that we need.  I realize that not everyone has a healthy family, but you can adopt healthy people into your life.  This does not have to be a large number of people, and often it is just a handful of people who truly nourish us.

Music can be an excellent source of nourishment.  Music activates a different part of our brain and can help us to express emotions that we cant express verbally.

Meditation is a key ingredient that many fail to use to nourish mental wellness.  Scripture calls us to meditate on the word of God.  How would life be different if there was a balance between stillness and busyness?

Prayer is linked to meditation and can also be a place where gratitude is expressed.  Philippians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Prayer time is to be a time to express gratitude as well as to ask for intervention.

The 6th ingredient in a nourishing life is to provide an outlet for creative expression.  Often this is put into a category reserved for artists and musicians; man was made in the image of God the Creator.  Therefore, we all have a creative side.  This expression may not be with music or paint or words, but may be with cooking or gardening or decorating.  This is way to express who you are.

The last ingredient is to be intentional about putting positive input into your life.  Remember the saying “Garbage in. Garbage Out?”  This also applies to our minds and not just computers.  This means be careful about watching the news or hanging with negative people or fostering negative thoughts.  All of these things can have a negative impact on our personal health and growth.  Focus on surrounding yourself with uplifting messages and people.

How do you nourish your life?