Marriage is a union between two people who promise to spend their entire lives together. But no marriage is perfect and smooth. Each brings with itself a number of hurdles and bumps that can result in issues in the relationship. And if these problems are not handled correctly and promptly, they might get even complicated.

Often Christian couples feel embarrassed in accepting that their marriage is struggling and needs professional help. They leave their problems unresolved for too long, letting them worsen over time.

We are here to ensure such couples that seeking help and counseling is not a shameful act. Even God Himself says in Proverbs 11:14 that without guidance people fall into dismay but in the presence of counselors, there is safety.

This helps us understand that when we are faced with complex problems, instead of waging them alone we should seek counsel. And what could be better for a Christian couple than biblical marriage counseling?

Recurring issues, such as the ones mentioned below, are red flags that indicate incoming trouble for a Christian couple. The wise way to handle these situations would be seeking counsel.

  • Conflict resolution is a key ingredient in keeping a marriage healthy and spouses in tune with each other. But when a couple loses the ability to do so, it starts creating problems that can quickly turn a disagreement into a fight. This is a common symptom in struggling marriages and needs immediate attention.
  • All Christian marriages begin as a union between two equal partners. But when one partner starts dominating the relationship, leaving the other’s needs unmet; it causes severe friction. The affected spouse will always be left feeling dissatisfied and unimportant, while the partner stays oblivious to their feelings. If you find this situation affecting your relationship, seeking counsel is the right action to take.
  • God calls for couples to demonstrate sacrificial love for their spouse, which involves compromising in certain situations. Compromise is a part of marriage and an inability to do so shows that a spouse might not value the other’s opinion. A counselor will be able to help here and find out the reason for such behavior and resolve the problem before it becomes hazardous.
  • It is no secret that even good Christians sometimes fall into bad habits. Stress, bad company, and other situations can have a negative influence and compel someone to seek solace in narcotics or alcohol. While some cases might need rehabilitation, others, where the damage is still minimal, can be resolved. Addictions often become the downfall of an otherwise healthy marriage. But with professional help, this can be prevented.
  • Deceit and lying might not seem problematic at first. But once it becomes habitual, it can start damaging a marriage. It might start as little white lies about being late but can turn worse, often leading to infidelity. But if the problem is nipped in the bud, it can save the marriage.

Other red flags include an addiction to pornography and disagreement about basic values such as parenting styles.

Texas Marriage Retreat might be able to help you in these situations. Our marriage retreat gives couples the opportunity to spend time with each other, engaging in activities that help their relationship. The most significant feature of our retreat is Christian marriage counseling. We take advice from God’s words to solve issues such as the ones mentioned above and help couples improve their relationship.

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