ONE On ONE-Traditional Marriage Counseling

As a husband and wife team, just 30 minutes west from Fort Worth. We are very effective in addressing all the issues that crop up in a marriage relationship. Men and women think differently. They see things differently, appreciate different things in life. They have different needs, physically and emotionally. So when you factor in gender, personality and cultural differences, it’s no wonder we all need help in how to live harmoniously as married couples. Living with each other requires understanding, cooperation, patience, sacrifice and most of all unselfishness. We will give you the insight and tools to accomplish what it takes to realize this in your marriage.

Do we meet together or individually?

Typically, but not always, we meet with both of you together for the first session. This gives us the greatest opportunity to discover as much as possible regarding the major challenges you are having as a couple. After the first session, we will set a strategy moving forward, based on what we have discovered. Sometimes it’s better to see you together for a number of sessions. But depending on the nature of your relationship and the types of issues you are challenged with, we may decide to meet with you individually instead, so it would be man with man, woman with woman. Once the necessary individual work is far enough along, we will then see you as a couple again. Herein lies the significant advantage of a competent husband/wife team working together with you.

What is expected of you during a counseling session?

The more openly and authentically you participate during a counseling session, the greater the opportunity for us to accurately assess the real issues, and be on target with the best strategies to effectively help you.

The counseling process requires each spouse to take responsibility for themselves, their attitudes and behaviors, by bringing them into agreement with Biblical principles they are helped to discover. We realize there must be a level of trust built with the counselor and we will make it a priority to develop that all-important trust with you. We would also ask you to realize that the problems in a marriage that have developed over time will require commitment, effort and also time to resolve.

What can you expect from us?

In our comfortable environment we take you as you are. We make no assumptions about you. We really listen. We don’t take sides. Both partners are listened to and understood. We will help you to gain greater understanding of each other. We will equip you as partners to know how to give and receive